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Dr. Mary L. Pulido’s Blogs

Dr. Mary L. Pulido is a regular contributor to Medium.com on topics pertaining to child welfare and safety. She has also written various blogs for HuffPost. The entries below cover a wide range of topics. We hope you will find the information valuable and useful.

Dr. Mary L. Pulido on HuffPost

January 12, 2018Parents, It’s 10pm. Do You Know What Your Children Are Watching
December 19, 2017Time for a #MeToo Movement for Child Sexual Abuse Victims
October 31, 2017Happy and SAFE Halloween by Mary Pulido Ph.D 10.30.2017
July 24, 20172017 Summer Safety Tips for Parents! 7.24.2017
June 7, 2017How To Talk To Your Children About Terrorism 6.7.2017
January 16, 2017Combatting the Stress of Responding to Critical Incidents Involving Children 1.16.2017
April 21, 2017Understanding Child Injury Deaths 4.21.2017
April 7, 2017If You See Something, Please Do Something – Learn How to Report Child Abuse 4.7.2017
March 27, 2017Investigating Sex Crimes Against Children – Private Entities Cannot Police Themselves! 3.27.2017
August 26, 2016School’s In – Keep Danger Out 8.26.2016
July 7, 2016Child Injury Deaths – They Are Preventable 7.7.2016 
June 13, 2016The Orlando Nightclub Shooting – How To Talk To Your Child About Terrorism 6.13.2016
May 26, 2016Preventing Child Abuse Facilities – Supporting the Life-Saving Work of Child Protective Services 5.26.2016
January 8, 2016Protect Children In Private Schools from Child Sexual Abuse 1.8.2016
December 8, 2015Explaining Acts of Violence – Talking to Your Child About Terrorism 12.8.2015
October 19, 2015When Parents are Desperate – Neighbors Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death for a Baby 10.19.2015
August 20, 2015Roar of Outrage for Cecil the Lion; Barely a Whimper for Rizwan, the Baby From Queens 8.20.2015
July 1, 2015Have Fun, Stay Safe – Top Ten Summer Safety Tips for Your Children 7.1.2015
May 8, 2015Teaching Your Child to Cross the Street Can Save Their Life 5.8.2015
April 15, 2015When Are Children Ready to Walk Alone 4.15.2015
April 8, 2015If You See Something, Please Do Something to Prevent Child Abuse 4.8.2015
March 3, 2015Child Neglect – It Can Happen In Your Own Backyard – Recognize It and Take Action 3.3.2015

Read more blogs by Dr. Mary L. Pulido...

Nov 25, 2014Stand Up! Don’t Stand By! Protect Children From Domestic Violence 11.24.2014
Sept 19, 2014Spare the Rod – Save The Child 9.18.2014
July 16, 20143 Things That Can Help Stressed-Out Parents 7.15.2014
May 30, 2014Summer Safety Tips for Your Children 5.30.2014
May 19, 2014Fighting Internet Child Pornography 5.19.2014
March 26, 2014You Can Make a Difference in Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect 3.26.2014
Feb 28, 2014Internet Child Pornography – Who Is at the Keyboard 1.9.2014 Leading Causes of Injury Deaths Among Children – What Parents Need to Know 2.28.2014
January 9, 2014Internet Child Pornography – Who Is at the Keyboard 1.9.2014
January 2, 2014Stop Bullying – Teach Your Child Empathy and Limit Their Intake of Violence 1.2.2014
December 17, 2013Helping Your Child If They Bully 12.17.2013
October 17, 2013Child Pornography – Basic Facts About a Horrific Crime 10.17.2013
September 27, 2013Home Alone After School – Is Your Child Ready 9.27.2013
August 19, 2013Back to School – Policies and Procedures Parents Should Ask About 8.19.2013
July 12, 2013Talking to Child About Sexual Abuse – When Do You Do It and What Do You Say 7.12.2013
June 17, 2013Parent Alert Tips for Keeping Children Safe this Summer – 6.17.2013
March 22, 2013Social Media Gone Awry – Tips for Teens to Stay Safe 3.22.2013
January 22, 2013Gun Violence, Car Accidents and Fires – Leading Causes of Injury Deaths Among NYC Children 1.22.2013
January 4, 2013Supporting First Responders to Children’s Trauma 1.4.2013
December 14, 2012Talking to Your Child About the Shooting in Newtown, CT 12.14.2012
September 21, 2012Child Sexual Abuse – Please Act If You Suspect a Child Is at Risk 9.21.2012
September 21, 20125 Halloween Safety Tips for Parents 9.21.2012
September 7, 20129.11 Anniversary Reactions – Still Normal After All These Years 9.7.2012
July 23, 2012Talking to Your Child About the Dark Night Shooting in Colorado 7.23.2012
June 22, 2012Walking Alone – When is My Child Ready 6.22.2012
June 14, 2012Internet Predators – Parents Monitor Your Children 6.14.2012
June 7, 2012The Anxiety of Hiring a Nanny – Tips for the Screening Process 6.7.2012
May 23, 2012Summer Camp Safety – Essential Questions Parents Should Ask 5.23.2012
April 19, 2012My Child is the Bully – Tips for Parents 4.19.2012
March 20, 2012Protecting your Child after a Disclosure of Sexual Abuse 3.20.2012
January 12, 2012Is My Child Being Bullied – Action Steps for Parents 1.12.2012
October 28, 2011Infant Sleep Safety – What Parents Need to Know 10.28.11
October 4, 2011Protecting Kids First-A Safe Halloween – Five Tips That Parents Should Know 10.4.2011
September 9, 20119-11 Anniversary Reactions – What Should I Expect 9.9.2011

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