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Attuning to Attachment Ruptures in Supervised Visitation (December 12, 2022)

Early experiences with caregivers have a crucial impact on how individuals view and respond in relationships. Parental separation and the experiences that precede separation, including child abuse and neglect, have significant implications for children's attachment styles, their verbal and nonverbal responses to parents and other important adults in their lives. Service providers working with families in supervised visitation have a crucial role in attuning to individuals and supporting parents with increasing behaviors that support their relationship with their children. "Attuning to Attachment Ruptures in Supervised Visitation" will support service providers with the following: defining attachment and attunement; identifying various attachment styles and what insecure attachment might look like in visits; learning how attunement supports children and relationships overall; and learning strategies to support parents with increased attunement to their children.

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