Research and Evaluation

The NYSPCC is committed to the use of rigorous research and evaluation to inform best practice both within the agency and in the broader child welfare field.

The NYSPCC is dedicated to helping children and families by implementing and evaluating models of treatment that are effective and accessible for treating complex trauma, and reducing child abuse and neglect. Our research is focused on the evaluation and integration of evidence-based approaches for prevention and treatment into real-world settings, including community and state agencies and schools.  Through lectures, presentations, workshops, and publications, The NYSPCC shares the knowledge gains of its research with other organizations and professionals dedicated to child protection.

The NYSPCC conducts ongoing evaluations of its programs to ensure consistency, quality, client satisfaction, and to monitor client outcomes.  Program-specific evaluation plans are designed using a multi-dimensional, mixed-methods approach. Evaluation data is examined at regular intervals for all programs to allow for consistent delivery of services and monitoring of client progress. Please check out our Current Work!

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