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The NYSPCC Training Institute develops and designs handbooks and resources for children, parents, caregivers and youth-serving professionals to support in keeping children safe from abuse.

The NYSPCC Professionals’ Handbook: Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Audience: New York State Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect

    Cost:  $15

    This handbook serves as a study guide and desk reference for professionals required to take an approved Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect course towards their licensure or for anyone who is mandated to report child abuse and neglect. The handbook covers important topics, such as identifying child abuse and neglect, reporting child abuse and neglect, and legal protections and liabilities for reporters. It also contains an appendix of resources for mandated reporters, including selected statutes, forms to report abuse and neglect, and contact information for local Child Protective Services Offices throughout New York State.

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The NYSPCC Professionals' Handbook: Supervised Visitation Services for High-Risk Families

  • Audience: Supervised visitation service providers

    Cost: $19.95

    This handbook was written for providers of social services, judges, referees, and other professionals interested in supervised visitation, to gain insight and understanding of the inner workings of The NYSPCC’s Therapeutic Supervised Visitation Program. The authors of this handbook are experts in the provision of supervised visitation, and trauma recovery services. This handbook provides detailed information about programming, protocols, safety considerations, and legal issues impacting supervised visitation programs working with high-risk families

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Athletes are Children First Handbook and Policy Guide

  • Audience: Gymnastic Coaches and Gym Owners

    Cost:  Free


    Developed in collaboration with the Athlete Assistance Fund (AAF), the Athletes are Children First Handbook and Policy Guide is a helpful resource for coaches and gym owners in the sport of gymnastics. Detailing best practice child protection and safety policies, the handbook walks readers through specific safety policies and procedures while giving tips on how they can be implemented in a variety of settings and circumstances. Adopting the policies and procedures outlined in the handbook will ensure that gymnastics clubs are giving above and beyond to ensure that the children they work with are safe and protected.

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